Actueel Video: The benefits of expressing your emotions (constructively)


di 18 okt 2022

Every culture assigns stigma or value to different styles and levels of emotional expression, creating an instinct to repress or reject feelings associated with discomfort. Psychotherapist Artūrs Miksons lays out the benefits of discarding unhelpful social stigma and explains why expressing our emotions constructively can help build resilience to endure trying times. (bron: TEDxRiga)

About Artūrs Miksons…
Arturs is a certified doctor and works at the Rigas Stradins University, Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy department. With a specialization in psychotherapy and psychosomatics, he works mainly with children and family matters. Apart from practicing as a doctor, Arturs both develops his existing professional knowledge, as well as proactively broadens his experiences further. He lectures students in different study courses, including medical psychology, mental health, psychosomatic medicine, psychosomatics and many others, and has been recognized by students as one of the most interesting lecturers at RSU. In addition to lecturing, Arturs has published various research articles, participated in numerous seminars and conferences, both locally and outside the borders of Latvia.