How we learn is more important than what we learn. This is the heart of Dr. Glenn Dakin’s work and talk. Learning experiences have the power to transform our worldviews. To do this, we need to understand how each learner learns. Do people learn differently? How personal can and should the learning process become? Does everyone use the same skills differently? These are the kinds of questions that Dr. Dakin has asked for 50 years in his career; from his beginnings in gas stations and retail management all the way to his work with firms and institutions such as the Department of the Interior, PepsiCo, Unisys Corporation and American Intercontinental University, where he teaches educators from elementary to higher education. As a Master of Education instructor, Dr. Dakin has concentrated his career on exploring how we apply and plan our learning experiences to enhance what we learn and how we learn. (bron: Glenn Dakin | TEDxABQED)